Aortic Root Diameter
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Calcs>Diameters>Aortic Root Diameter>1
Height   in cm
Weight   lbs kg
Age:   years
BSA m2
Maximum SOV Diameter cm
< 20 yrs old SOVd = 1.02 + 0.98 x BSA
20-39 yrs old SOVd = 0.97 + 1.12 x BSA
> 40 yrs old SOVd = 1.92 + 0.74 x BSA

How to get Maximum SOV Diameter.
Step 1: Enter the Height, Weight, and Age of the Patient. Enter the height, weight, and age and select the correct units.
Step 2: Click the Calculate Button .
Step 3: The BSA and Maximum SOV Diameter (Aortic Root Diameter) is Calculated.
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