Right Ventricular Stroke Volume from Doppler
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RVOT(cm): cm
PV VTI (cm)   cm
RV Stroke Volume mls

How to get an RVSV from Doppler.
Step 1: Measure the RVOT diameter in centimeters. The optimal view is the RVIO view.  Caliper the RVOT as close to the valve as possible, in mid systole.
Step 2: Obtain a continuous wave doppler of the pulmonary valve. The optimal view is the short axis of the aortic arch.  In this view the pulmonary valve is in it's long axis and provides the best angle to doppler the gradient's across the valve.  An alternative view is the deep transgastric view around 90 degrees.  The pulmonic valve should be viewable in most instances, however, the angle for the doppler scan may be off more than 20 degrees.  Once the view is obtained turn on the CWD and use the track ball to move the CWD line to the pulmonary valve. A doppler profile of the pulmonary valve should be displayed.  Trace the flow profile with the trackball and the VTI will be calculated.

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