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Left Ventricular Stroke Volume from Doppler
Calcs>Volumes>LVSV From Doppler>1
LVOT (cm): cm
LVOT VTI (cm)   cm
LV Stroke Volume mls

How to get an LVSV from Doppler.
Step 1: Measure the LVOT diameter in centimeters. The optimal view is a maximally zoomed view of the midesophageal AVLAX. The gain and compress should be set so the endomyocardial wall of the LVOT is clearly discernable. Freeze the display and use the trackball to cycle thru the cardiac cycle to the mid-ejection period when the LVOT is at it's maximal diameter. Using the calipers, measure from intimal wall to intimal wall just proximal to the aortic valve. Activate the Aortic Valve analysis package and select LVOT diameter and enter the value of the LVOT diameter.
Step 2: Obtain a pulse wave doppler of the LVOT. The optimal view is the deep transgastric AVLAX view or the transgastric AVLAX view. The former view is preferable if obtainable. Once the view is obtained turn on the PWD and use the track ball to move the PWD line to the LVOT and place the sample volume just proximal to the aortic valve. The sample volume should be at the same location where the LVOT diameter was measured. A doppler profile of the LVOT should be displayed with normal velocities in the LVOT. If a poor or low velocity doppler wave form is displayed reposition the view and move the PWD line thru out the LVOT. The PWD must be parallel to the LVOT jet to pick up the maximal velocity and obtain a good doppler wave form. After a good doppler wave form is obtained look at the morphology and the maximal velocity of the waveform and note it. Using the tracing feature, use the trackball and trace the doppler profile. Once traced, a VTI of the tracing will be calculated.

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