Left Ventricular End Diastolic Pressure
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DBP: mmHg
Vmin of AR Jet m/sec

How to calculate a LVEDP.
Step 1: Obtain a PWD/CWD of the long axis view of the aortic valve.  An aortic regurgitant jet is required to perform this calculation.  An AR jet will decay throughout diastole.  The end-diastolic velocity is called Vmin.  At the end of diastole record the diastolic blood pressure.  Vmin represents the gradient across the aortic valve at the end of diastole.  Subtracting this gradient from the diastolic blood pressure will yield the LVEDP.

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Comment  User3010(3010)    #8
As I mentioned for MR jet and LAP, same should apply here: Very los AR jet will give higher LVED #. Please explain.
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Comment  Webmaster    #54
If the AR jet velocity is low then the ventricle is failing and the LVEDP should be high. (See LAP by MR Jet).
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