Pulmonary Capillary Wedge Pressure by Tissue Doppler Echo
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Emax cm/sec
Emax´ cm/sec
PCWP: mmHg

Formula:  PCWP = 1.55 + 1.47(Emax/Emax')
How to calculate a PCWP by TDI.
Step 1: Obtain a PWD of the long axis view of the mitral valve.  The PWD will yield a E and A wave.  The maximum E wave velocity, Emax should be measured and entered above.
Step 2:  Obtain a TDI scan of the mitral valve.  A TDI scan of the mitral valve is a tissue color mode scan with pulse wave doppler of the mitral valve annulus.  After initiating the scan a velocity profile will be exhibited that is similar to the PWD of the LVI.  An early velocity peak, the E´ and a late velocity peak, the A´ are present.  The maximum velocity of the E´ velocity profile is the Emax´.

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