Myocardial Performance Time or Tei Index
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Calcs>Myocardial Performance>MPT(Tei Index)>1
Systole Start Time: msec
Systole End Time: msec
Ejection Start Time: msec
Ejection End Time: msec
IMP: %

Status Value
Normal < 40 %
Mild Dysfunction 40-60 %
Mod Dysfunction 60 - 100 %
Severe Dysfunction > 100%
How to calculate a IMP.
Step 1: A CWD of the LVOT, RVOT, MV or TV. The index of myocardial performance compares mechanical systole (A) to the ejection time period (B).  Alternatively, the ejection period for a mitral/tricuspid regurgitant jet can be used for the ejection period (B) since, for mitral/tricuspid regurgitation, the ejection period and the mechanical systolic period are the same.  As the ejection time period converges on the mechanical systolic period, the ejection force is decreasing.

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Comment  Webmaster    #52
Another way to look at IMP is that the isovolumic time (relaxation and contraction) is compared to the ejection time. If the heart is in good shape the isovolumic time is short compared to the ejection time (ie 40%) but as the heart fails it takes longer to for the heart to contract (or relax) compared to the ejection time (ie 80%) indicating a poorer functioning heart.
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