Mitral Valve Area by Planimetry
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How to get an MVA by Planimetry.
Step 1: Obtain a short axis view of the mitral valve and trace the circumference of the mitral valve opening. The optimal view is the basal transgastric mitral valve short axis view in a zoomed mode. The endothelial boarder of the mitral valve leaflets should be sharp. Scarring and calcifications can cause a blurry leaflet boarder which can lead to errors. If the boarders of the leaflets are visible then the mitral valve area can be calculated utilizing the tracing function on the echocardiographic machine.

Note: Since a non-perpendicular angle or the depth of the cut of the mitral valve leaflets can lead to a falsely elevated area. More accurate methods of calculating the mitral valve area or the degree of mitral stenosis should be utilized for confirmation.

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