Aortic Valve Area by Gorlin Equation
· Dr. Kenneth Gross ·
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LVOT Diameter; cm
Vmean m/sec
HR bpm
SEP msec
CO mls/min
AVA cm2
How to calculate a AVA by Gorlin Formula.
CO = 0.785 x LVOTd2 x VTIAV  x HR AVG = 4(Vmean)2 AVA = (CO / SEP x HR) / (44.3 x sq root(AVG))
Step 1: Obtain the LVOT Diameter. The ME AVLAX view under zoomed mode is an excellent method to measure the LVOT diameter.  Measure the LVOT diameter in mid systole.
 Step 2:  Obtain a CWD of the AV.  The optimal view is either the DTG AVLAX or TG AVLAX.  Once a flow profile is obtained, trace the envelope to calculate the mean velocity (Vmean) and the VTI.  From the flow profile the SEP or systolic ejection period can be measured.
 Step 3:  Enter the Heart Rate.
Optional:  Modified Gorlin Formula: 

AVA = CO / Square Root of Mean AVG. 

The cardiac output is in liter per minute. 

For example a CO of 5.4 l/min and a mean AVG of 64 yields 5.4 / sq root(64) = 0.68 cm squared.

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