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 The Discussion area covers the following sections:
 The General Forum covers various topics determined by the users and may be modified by the moderator.  Topics range from questions about how to use the echocardiography machine to case interpretation and management.  Users can post topics and respond to other topics.
 The Case of the Month is a special forum area for the cases that we send out or present for your educational enjoyment.  Cases are selected to promote discussion on different controversial areas in echocardiography.  Your participation is welcome.  If you have an interesting case please email the webmaster.
 Newsletters contains the current and past newsletters.  Newsletters are send on a periodic (usually quarterly) basis and include information of What's New, Hand Tips, Recent Topics, and more.
 Polls are presented here for your review.  A new poll is sent out every quarter.  Your opinion is appreciated.  To participate, simply answer the poll questions to view the poll results.
 The Feedback section allows users to provide feedback to us to improve and/or correct web site errors.  Thank you for giving us valuable feedback to help improve this web site.

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