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Subscription Options for E-Echocardiography
 Learn Advanced Echocardiography: Choose Expert TEE (eTEE) Subscription

 CME Options:
 Want eTEE + CME: Get eTEE subscription and purchase 10-25-50 CME credits for your CME bank
You can do CME on iTEE, eTEE, Echo of the Day, Case of the Week
 Self Assessment Exam (SAE) Options
 Want a 2 hour SAE exam on the eTEE content: Comprehensive SAE Exam (included with eTEE Subscription)
 Want SAE Exams that cover the eTEE Chapters (usually 30-60 minutes long): Purchase eTEE Subscription ($99)
 Expert Transesophageal Echocardiographpy (eTEE) Details
 Cost:  $99 / yr
 iTEE Included  Included
 Atlas Database (View AND Download)  Included
 eTEE Educational Content  Included
 Echo-of-the-Day (Current and Archives)  Included
 Case-of-the-Week (Current and Archives)  Included
 Chapter Self Assessment Exams (currently 3)  Included
 Comprehensive SAE Exam (3 attempts)  Included
 Target Audience: Cardiac Anesthesiologists and Fellows/Residents
 To learn about CME go to the CME Information Page
 To Subscribe just click on the Subscribe link above or
below the Home Link on the toolbar.


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