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Pssst! It's me, the website.

I just wanted to let you know that even though I'm looking quite old, I'm still a millenial.
So I just had a "New Year, New Me" moment and my resolution is to become a new and improved version of myself in a couple of weeks.
Don't worry, my wisdom won't change. You're still going to find the same useful information here. Stay tuned!

Search Help
Searching Help
How to Search
In the search section you have to complete the three or more options.
The first option is the 'Search Text'.  Enter words, separated by a space or a comma.
The next option is the 'Search Type'.  The search can search where any word is matched or where only all words must match.  The 'Match All Words' is more restrictive and will yield less results, but, it is usually more relevant to your search.  The 'Match Any Words' will yield more results but may require you to look at more search results to find the item you want.
The next option is the 'Search Area'.  Most searches can search the title, description, and keywords of the items in the database.  If you are searching for pages (educational content, calculator section, etc) then you have an option of searching all of the text on a page.  The 'Whole Page' option will slow the search process down but will yield a more reliable result.  We suggest you use the default selections but you can change them if you wish.
Some search areas will have an option to choose what section or subsection you wish to search.  For example, you can currently only search for Transesophageal videos and images.  When we add Transthoracic and Regional Anesthesia images and videos, you can select to search those areas instead.
The last option is the 'Number of Rows' you want to display.  Simply indicate the number of rows that you want on each page.
Once you have filled out the options, just click the 'Search' button and your search will commence.  If an error occurs, you will be referred back to the search page and the error is displayed at the top of the screen in red letters.  Most errors are automatically emailed to the webmaster.
The search may take some time, depending on what you wish to search for and the number of sections, and the search type. A list of pages will appear.  To view the item, click on the link.  Some pages may not be available if you are not a subscriber.  For items that can be downloaded, you must have download privileges to download most items.  Some download items are free and are indicated with a 'Free!' text.  Items that do not have an active link cannot be downloaded.
Searching the Web Site
Searching the web site is done by trying to match your search terms with a key work, an paragraph title, the page title, the page descripition, or, in some cases, any word on the page. The results are ranked by the number of matches and the strength of the match. Matching the title or key words will be a stronger match than matching any word in the page.
 The results are listed with links to take you to the place where the match occurred such as a paragraph title. A general match (matching words in the page text) will just take you to the page.
Searching the Atlas
 Searching the Atlas is can be done by:
  • Searching for Text or Words
  • Searching by Category
  • Searching for Recent Additions
The Searching by Text or Words tries to match the words in the search areas (title, description, keywords).  A search algorithm calculates a score where the most words are matched most often in the search areas.  For example, if you search for aortic, a video with the word aortic repeated many times will score higher than a video where the word aortic only appears once, yet both will have a 100% word match.  The videos are sorted by the match algorithm score.
On the search results page you are presented with information about each match.  The score, word match percentage, a link, the video title, description, keywords, and a series of icons in the download line.  To view a video, click on the link with the title in it and the video will appear.  You can change the format, size, etc using the links below the video or the page links at the top of the page.  The links at the top of the page changes all of the video formats.
A bug that we are working on occurs when you increase the size of the video so that it overlaps content below the video.  Some of the video elements may not be active.  Just click on the title link two times (one to close , one to open) and everything will return to normal.
To download a video just click on the icon format that you want and downloading will commence ASAP.
Videos can be used for personal use only (i.e. lectures) but not for commercial products.  If you want to make a commercial product please purchase a license.
Searching by Category simply presents you with a list of drop down boxes that you can select to view the videos in that category.  Please select them from left to right.  Some categories have a lot of videos, others only a few or none at all.  This search section allows you to quickly find a series of videos that you may look at to find the 'best one' for your lecture.


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