Acoustic Windows
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An acoustic window is the location from which an ultrasound probe makes it's scan.  The probe can be turned and/or angled in different directions yielding a different view, but all of the views are from the same acoustic window or perspective.  The acoustic windows, in echocardiography, are divided by the scan type, transthoracic or transesophageal.

Transesophageal Windows

The acoustic windows in a transesophageal scan are:

  • Upper Esophageal (UE)
  • Mid-esophageal (ME)
  • Transgastric (TG)
  • Deep Transgastric (DTG)


Transthoracic Windows

The acoustic windows in a transthoracic scan are:

  • Supraclavicular (SC)
  • Parasternal (PS)
  • Substernal (SS)
  • Apical (AP)


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