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 The Myocardial Performance Calculation section covers the basic calculations for myocardial performance.  The calculations covered are:
  • Books
  • Articles
  • Normal Values
  • Abbreviations
  • ASE Guidelines
  • SCA Guidelines
  • PTEeXAM Outline
  • E-Echocardiography Links
  • Editors & Authors
  • Acknowledgements
  • Fun Facts about Echoes
 The Book sections contains a list of books on Echocardiography that are available and recommended by this web site.
The Articles sections has a list of references used in this web site.  
 The Normal values sections will show or calculate normal values for your patient.
 ASE and SCA guideline sections list the guidelines of the ASE and the SCA.
 The PTEeXAM outline is shown inthe PTEeXAM section.
 Echocardiography links has links of sites that we have visited or reviewed.
 The Editors & Authors section has a list of editors and authors for this web site.
 The Acknowledgement section shows contributors to this web site.
 Fun Facts about Echoes shows some interesting facts about echoes.

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