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 The Atlas area covers the following sections:
 The Search by Keyword section allows you to enter one or more keywords and search for videos and images that match the keyword(s).
 The Search by Category section allows you to select from of list of categories, subcategories, etc to find all of the videos and images in those categories.
The Recent Additions lists all of the videos and images in the database by most recent to most remote date.  The most recent additions will be listed first. 
The TEE Echo of the Day  section allows you to view the interesting video or image on a daily basis.  Over a 3 year period you will see most of the videos or images that are covered in the syllabus sections.
 The TEE Echo of the Day Archive  section has prior TEE Echo of the Day images or videos.
The Case of the Month section has a interesting case presented every month.
The Case of the Month Archive section shows the prior cases of the month.
The Atlas Help section will provide help in navigating the atlas, tips to help search for that one video or image that you need, or information on how to sign up for Echo of the Day and Case of the Month to be delivered to your email inbox.

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