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 The Education area covers the following sections:
 The Introduction to TEE (iTEE) section covers information about TEE for non-cardiac anesthesiologists.  The information is introductory in it's content and provides a good overview for the use and application of TEE outside of the cardiovascular suite.
 The Basic & Advanced TEE section covers the basic and advanced topics of TEE.  This content is intended for cardiovascular anesthesiologists, cardiologists, and cardiac sonographers.
The Case of the Week section presents an interesting case that you can use for discussion topics.
The Echo of the Day is a structures 1000 video database that will allow a user to see over 1000 videos over a three year period, thereby, viewing almost all of the different diseases, artifacts, pitfalls, and variations over a three year period.
The Self Assessment Exams are exams intended to test not only if the user has mastered the knowledge in each chapter, but, can apply that knowledge to real-life scenarios.  A 90% pass rate is required for the generation of a "Certificate of Completion" for each chapter, each subsection, and each section.  This certificate will show your residency director that you have the didactic knowldege required for those areas that you passed.

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