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 Before you take a CME exam you will have to pay for your CME Units either  from credits that are in your CME bank.  The more CME credits you buy for your CME Bank, the larger the discount.  CME credits will apply to any CME activity that we have to offer you.
  Purchasing CME Credits:
 Buy some CME Credits for your CME Bank by going to your Account => CME Bank menu.  The rates depend upon how many CME credits you purchase.  If you purchase a lot of credits then you get a larger discount.  See the rates below.  After you sucessfully pass a CME exam, the CME credits are automatically deducted from your CME Bank account.  Before you take a CME Exam, the page will indicate if you have enough CME credits to take the exam.
 CME Price List
 #CME Credits  Price per
Banked Credit
 Bank Price
 10 credits  $20 USD/Credit  $200 USD
 25 credits  $14   USD/Credit  $350 USD
 50 credits  $10   USD/Credit  $500 USD
Bank some CME Credits today!


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