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CME Overview
CME Exam Links
CME Types/Amount/Availability
We offer AMA Category 1 credit for physicians and ASRT CME for cardiac sonographers. The amount of Cardiac Sonographer CME available is on the eTEE CME Page
The amount of Physician CME available is on the eTEE CME Page, iTEE CME Page, and there will be 70+ CME available on the Echo-of-the-Day and 10 CME for Case-of-the-Week
CME Offered
 Exam AMA Category 1 Credit for Physicians ASRT CME Units
 iTEE (1 CME per Chapter)    3    0
 eTEE (3-6 CME per Chapter)  66  43.5
 Echo-of-the-Day (0.25 CME per)  85    0
 Case-of-the-Week (0.25 CME per)  12    0
 Total CME Available:  166 Units  43.5 Units
Physician CME;
The CME for physicians is AMA Category 1 credit  and can be used for CME requirements for medical licensure and/or privileges for medicine, cardiology, anesthesiology, or echocardiography.  The CME does meet the requirements for the AMA and the National Board of Echocardiography (NBE). Physicians can have (5) attempts at passing a CME Exam.
Cardiac Sonographer CME
The CME for Cardiac Sonographers is ASRT Category A+ approved CME and can be used for CME requirements for certification/licensure and/or privileges for echocardiography.   Cardiac Sonographers can have (3) attempts at passing a CME Exam.
Selecting the Type of CME
Your occupation determines your CME type and area. 
Physicians get AMA Category 1 credit . and Cardiac Sonographers get ASRT CME. If you occupation is not a physician or a cardiac sonographer then CME is not available.
Physicians can participate in iTEE, eTEE, Echo-of-the-Day, and Case-of-the-Week CME Activities.
Cardiac Sonographers can participate in eTEE CME Activitity only.
Subscription Requirements for CME Activity
You must have access to the Educational Content for the CME you want to take the exam.
Therefore, you must have an E-Echocardiography subscription that has not expired.
Please note Cardiac Sonographer CME is only for the eTEE section.
Obtaining CME Credits for the CME Bank
You can purchase CME credits for your CME bank in your Account->CME Banked->Purchase CME Credits
You must have enough CME credits to do a CME activity. If you have less than the CME activity, access is denied.
Obtaining CME Units
You must log in and then do or have done the following:
Purchase/Have enough CME Credits.
Activate a CME Session (Automatic if you forget) (Click the Activate CME Session link in the right upper corner of the page).
Review the educational material.
Take and pass the correlating exam in the CME Section.
Pay for the CME Units with your CME credits (Automatic).
For Echo-of-the-Day or Case-of-the-Week the CME there is a 4 question exam that you can take after reviewing the videos and/or images.
The Echo-of-the-Day and the Case-of-the-Week are in the CME, Education, and Atlas sections. The current Echo-of-the-Day or the Case-of-the-Week
are presented. To access prior or other Echo-of-the-Day or the Case-of-the-Week use the Archives and select the one you want to view.
NOTE: Each CME activity will awarded CME on the first passing grade.
You may be able to repeat the CME activity but no extra CME will be awarded.
 Activating a CME Session
After you log into e-echocardiography you must Activate a CME Session
Activating a CME Session will take you to the CME Disclaimer page and remove Advertisements and References to Manufacturers from the Educational Sections. 
To activate a CME Session click on the
button in the Welcome  page OR click on the CME Session link at the top right of every page. 
When a CME Session is active you will see a CME Disclaimer page and the CME Session link will change to Active CME Session
which indicates that your CME Session is active.
If you forget and go to a CME exam without activating a CME session you will be redirected to the CME Session Splash page and you can click a button on that page to return to your CME activity.
Reviewing Educational Content
Just follow the links in the Education section.  Your subscription determines which chapters will be active.
Selecting a CME Exam
A CME exam for the correlating chapter can be found under the CME section in the menu bar.  Just select the chapter you reviewed, review the information, check that you have enough CME credits in your CME bank (unless you are going to pay by credit card) and start the exam.  The exam is 10 questions for physicians or 10 questions per CME credit for physicians. For cardiac sonographers the CME exam is about 10-12 questions per CME unit.  You will not be able to answer the questions unless you have read the material.  Also, if the database does not indicate that you have reviewed every page in the chapter within the last 30 days you will be denied access to that CME exam.
CME Certificates
After the FIRST successful completion of a CME Exam, a link to a cme certificate will be on the cme exam grading page. Click this link and save or print the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. After you log in under your account page is a chapter cme page. This page will list your cme certificates. Click the link and the certificate is AUTOMATICALLY downloaded to your computer. Go to your default download directory to retrieve your certificate. Check your browser and computer settings if you don't know where your download directory is located.
For Echo-of-the-Day and Case-of-the-Week there are links in your account for those sections that will provide a summary of the current year or a summary of all years or a link with a summary and all of the certificates in a pdf (Adobe Acrobat) file. If you want to submit the certificate you can download each certificate with the corresponding link on the cme certificate page or you can download all of the certificates (which is what we suggest unless you like to click a link 100-300 times). If you have your ABA number in your account we will submit the cme certificates for you electronically about every month. If you are a cardiologist then if you have your ABIM number in your account we will automaticall submit them every month also. We submit to the ACCME, not the ABA (who stopped as of Jan 1, 2017. The NBE has access to your account if you are submitting to the NBE also.
Paying for CME
 You must purchase CME credits for your CME bank before taking a CME exam or CME activity (EOTD or COTW).  When you successfully pass an exam, the CME units are deducted from your CME bank.  When you start a CME exam, we will inform you how many CME credits you have in your bank so you can purchase more credits prior to taking the exam.
The CME Bank
Also in the CME menu is the CME Bank.  The CME bank allows individual users to buy CME credits at a discount before taking a CME exam.  Once an exam is passed, the number of CME units awarded is subtracted from the CME bank.  You can purchase additional CME credits at any time before taking the CME exam by go to your account area and purchasing additional CME credits.
Go to the CME Bank in your account to buy CME credits.
 The current pricing for the CME Bank is:
Number of CME Credits Purchased  Price per Credit Total Price
50 $10 USD $500 USD
25 $14 USD $350 USD
10 $20 USD $200 USD
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