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 JLS Interactive, LLC
 JLS Interactive, LLC was formed in 2001.  The company develops internet or CD/DVD multimedia products for medical professionals and hospital systems.  The company's focus is quality internet multimedia education materials and applications. JLS Interactive uses a mixture of QuickTime , Flash , Macromedia Director , and various graphics programs. We strive for Microsoft Internet Explorer , Chrome , Firefox , Safari , and Opera cross compliance. The web sites will require at a minimum 56K modem although your enjoyment will improve with a faster connection. The latest versions of a web browser, javascript, QuickTime, Flash, and Shockwave players are required. Contact information:
 Contact Information:
 Type  Value
 Phone:  888-5-TEE-CME (888-583-3263) (leave a voicemail message)
 Email:  JLS Interactive, LLC ( - checked daily)
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 We prefer contact via Email which is checked daily. Leaving a message on the phone may take longer to respond. Your response will be by email.
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