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E-Echocardiography Mission

E-Echocardiography is a web site dedicated to promoting education on echocardiography, ultrasound, cardiology, cardiac anesthesiology, anesthesiology, and cardiac sonography. While the current web site is TEE centric, future expansion into related areas is an ongoing program. The site was launched in 1995 and has plans for expansion over the next 3-5 years as well as updating prior material. The site has multiple areas of interest and will be a valable asset for any program, group, company, or individual.

The main advantage of E-Echocardiography is that you don't have to carry a book (who reads the whole book anyway), you don't have to have a DVD (bought lots of those - never used), and there are not any compatibility issues (compliant with all major web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome). As information is updated you can find the updated material in the What's New section. Stay updated without reading the whole site. We also offer CMEs and Self Assessment Exams. Lots of other stuff so check out the menu!

The About Page provides links to the following pages:

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy indicates how we use your information that you give us to use this web site. While the privacy policy can change, we will show your information the proper respect and, in return, we expect that you will be responsible with the information from this web site.

User License

The User License lays out the responsibilities of the User to use this web site. Since this is a medical educational web site and is intended only for professionals, we will hold you to a higher standard than non-professionals. Abuse of this standard is not tolerated and second chances are not given. In return, we will hold ourselves to that higher standard also. It is a privilege to have you use this web site, but, it is also a privilege to use this web site. It is a two way street and we are very appreciative of your support and we will eually try to provide you with useful information.

HIPAA Policy

The HIPAA Policy is a policy where you agree to hold information from this web site with patient confidentiality in mind. We have a policy of stripping patient identifiers off of every electronic video and image, but, we may have missed one or two. If you see a video or image with patient identifying information please email us so we can correct it, and, we expect that you will hold that information in the strictest confidence.

Contact Us

The Contact Us page provides information on how to contact E-Echocardiography's webmaster or telephone number. Feedback can easily be given in the forum => Feedback section. You must be a registered user to give feedback.

Advertising on E-Echocardiography

The Advertising shows the various advertisements that are available on E-Echocardiography. Contact us if you are interested in advertising on E-Echocardiography.

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