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How can I import and loop a video in PowerPoint?
The videos downloaded from this web site are one cycle (around 1 second) loops.  To play them in a player or in powerpoint they need to be set up to loop.  It gives the impression of a long video and the quality and file size are acceptable for internet and fast loading on a powerpoint program. Download your clicps into your favorite directory first and unzip the movies.  Only download the Windows Media Player (*wmv) files.  For powerpoint presentations use the 4X size.  (From the video database all windows media player files are the 4X size (720 x 480).
1.  Load Powerpoint
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2.  Select the Menu -> Insert -> Movies and Sounds -> Movie From File
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3.  Select the loop (previously downloaded and unzipped) from your favortie directory and click OK.
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4.  When the movie inserts itself into the powerpoint slide, a box pops up asking if you want the move to play Automatically or When clicked.  If you want the movie to play automatically when the slide is shown, select Automatic.  If you want the movie only to play when you click it with a mouse, select When Clicked.
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5.  Move and Resize the Movie.  The corners have selection handles.  Select the handle with your mouse to resize the movie.  Hold down the Shift or Control key while resizing to maintain the aspect ratio of 3:2 or 720:480.  Select the middle of the video to move it around.  When finished moving and resizing the movie you are now ready to loop it.
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6.  Right Click the movie.  An option box pops up and select Edit Movie Object.
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7.  To loop the movie, select the box Loop until stopped.  If the movie has sound embedded that is annoying, click the sound volume icon until the sound is off.
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8.  Now add text or other images to the slide.  You can even add another movie using the above technique.  Do not add too many movies to the slide or your computer will lock up.  For Apple computers the process is the same except the menu is where you will find most of the options.  Also Apple computers use only QuickTime files.  You can adjust the timing and transition of the slide to make some cool effects.
One of the effects I use is to put a picture on the prior slide where you talk about "stuff" on the picture.  Then click to the next slide with everyting the same except the image is now the video.  The effect is that the image appears to become a video and you don't have to worry about clicking on the video and hoping it plays.
If you make a PowerPoint program and wish to share it with the other users please email it to us or email us and we will arrange getting the PowerPoint program to us.  We have a download area where PowerPoint programs given to us will be available for others to download and use.   You can become famous - so make a program and send it to us to share with others!
Good luck!
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