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Pssst! It's me, the website.

I just wanted to let you know that even though I'm looking quite old, I'm still a millenial.
So I just had a "New Year, New Me" moment and my resolution is to become a new and improved version of myself in a couple of weeks.
Don't worry, my wisdom won't change. You're still going to find the same useful information here. Stay tuned!

Navigation Help

Navigating Around the Web site
At the top of the upper level pages will be the navigation toolbar. You can click on sections of the toolbar to view that section. Some sections require you to be a registered user and logged in. The toolbar will be located at the top of every page unless a new browser window is loaded (for CME certificates, for example).
 Navigating the Menu
The following explains the menu item's capabilities and actions.

To simplify the menu system please remember the following:


White = means Active Link - You can go here!

Yellow = means Temporary Denial of Access!

Light Green = means check subscription!

Gray = means No Access
Light Blue = means Planned Content Area

Menu Item Menu Item
(with Mouse Over)
Active Menu Item Active Menu Item
Active Menu Item ↓
Active Menu Items allows access to the Menu Item.

A White Menu Item indicates that this link is active.  You can go to the linked page.  Some pages require a subscription so the page will show some information about the section and the requirements.
Offline Menu Item Offline Menu Item
Offline Menu Item ↓
Off Line Menu Items temporarily deny access to the Menu Item.

A Yellow Menu Item mean that you have been denied temporary access to that menu item.

If the Menu Item is being updated then the Menu Item will become a Yellow Menu Item and is offline. Clicking on an offline item will take you to a "Menu Item Offline Page". After the update is completed, then the Menu Item will be available.
Inactive Menu Item Inactive Menu Item
Inactive Menu Item ↓
Inactive Menu items are not accessible under any conditions.

A Gray Menu Item is not active. Inactive Menu Items would be the log in page after you logged into E-Echocardiography.  The inactive pages are pages that no long need to be active.
Inaccessible Menu Item Inaccessible Menu Item
Inaccessible Menu Item ↓
Inaccessible Menu Items are inaccessible because you have the wrong or an expired subscription.
A Green Menu Item is accessible or active if you had the correct subscription or an active subscription. Your current subscription has not granted rights to that menu item. Renew or upgrade your subscription, or, if you have not subscribed, obtain a subscription by clicking on the toolbar Subscribe link.
Planned Menu Item Planned Menu Item
Planned Menu Item ↓
The Menu Item is inactive because it is a planned menu item.

If a Blue Menu Item appears, the Menu Item is a planned menu item. These items appear as placeholders for the webmaster and to inform you as to what are planned Menu Items in the future. You can click on these links to go to a page indicating the progress of the item.
 Drop Down Paragraph Text
 There is a

Click this Link
This link opens up a paragraph of text or a video or a user comment box.

on almost all of the pages that will reveal more information or content. Click on the link to open the paragraph or box.  In Echo of the Day, Case of the Month, Videos, etc the link will open what ever the link indicates.  This is a new addition to the website and prevents reloading of pages.
Navigating around the Web Pages
In pages without a tool bar, a drop down menu will be located in the left upper corner or right upper corner of each page. The drop down menu will contain a list of links(bookmarks) of the current page or chapter. From the drop down menu you can quickly surf to subsections of the web page without having to scroll down the page. Use the back button of your web browser to go back. At the right upper corner of the syllabus section are two drop down menus.  The top drop down menu is for navigating to other chapters.  The bottom drop down menu is for navigating pages within the current chapter.  At the bottom of each page are arrows taking you to the next page or the previous page of the section. Once a section is complete you can go the the CME exam portion for the material you just finished or go to the next section.
Finding "Click able Items" in a Web Page

Each web page will have click able items. Usually as you pass your mouse over a click able item the item will change in some manner to let you know it is a click able item. The exception is icons or labels. In images, labels will have a popup text box that will further explain the meaning of the abbreviation. You can also visit the abbreviations page to find meanings of abbreviations. Below is a list of icons that are used and their meaning.

Mouse Click
QuickTime Video
Plays a Quick Time Video
AVI (Windows) Video
Plays an AVI (Old Windows Media Player) Video
Windows Media Player Video
Plays a Windows Media Player Video
Real Video
Plays a Real Video File
Activates a Sound (WAV) File
Flash Animation
Activates a Flash Animation
Shickwave Animation
Activates a Shockwave Animation
Shows a large image
Popup Text Box
Activates a Popup Text Window
Adobe Acrobat (PDF) File
Opens an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) File
Download a File
Downloads a file
Previous Page
Goes to the Previous Page
Next Page
Goes to the Next Page
Article Abstract
Links to a  reference
Loads the calculator
Abbreviation Explanation Popup
Link to Open a Page
Opens a page in a chapter from an outline.
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