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If you lost your password or user name, we can email you a new password.


  • Enter your User Name or Email Address (must be the one you used to subscribe or register)
  • Click the Send New Password button (if you want a new password) or
  • Click the Send Old Password button (if you don't want a new password).
  • Wait a few seconds
  • Check your Email Inbox or your Cell Phone
  • If you don't receive the email Check your Spam Filter/Junk Mail Boxes
  • Use the Password to Log In (or click the supplied link)
  • (Optional) Change your Password (or User Name) in your Account -> Password page

1. Select Email Type: Text     HTML (Web Page Format)
2. Email Address:

User Name:

3. Click Button:
Check Email

Note: Only Individual Accounts can get a new password. Group users that have individual accounts can get a new password.  A group user that is using the group user name and password cannot get a new group password .... they must contact the group/department administrator for a new password.

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