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The CME and SAE certificates are in Adobe Reader (*.pdf) format.  This is a popular format where the text and images are encrypted into the page so they cannot be altered.  After displaying the CME or SAE certificate you can save, print, fax, or email the certificate.
Some of the links are Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) files. Adobe Acrobat files are viewable with Adobe's Reader. These files are useful as a downloadable or viewable file that contains information in a "book" format. To open the file you must have Acrobat Reader installed. Just view the file in your browser or download it and click on it to view the file. This is a free download from Adobe. Once the file has been downloaded and installed, just double-click the downloaded file to view it.
Click to get acrobat reader
If you click on the Adobe Acrobat PDF icon, , and you get a blank screen ..........

The problem is that Apple's built-in viewer, Preview, doesn't display the contents of Acrobat Forms. In Preview, you can see the empty form but none of the data filled-in. You have to use Adobe Reader. Moreover, if you want Safari to open the files in Adobe Reader by default instead of Preview you must set the default application for PDFs in the Finder.

Once the fix has been applied, Safari will honor that setting and any PDF files downloaded will be opened with Reader instead of Preview.

Here is the play-by-play in case you need more detailed instructions:

1. Switch to the the Finder, (click the smiley icon in the Dock).

2. Locate any file whose name ends with .pdf.

3. Select the file (click ONCE on it to highlight it).

4. In the File menu, select 'Get Info' (you can also use the keyboard shortcut Command-I)

5. Reveal the 'Open with:' section of the window. (The Info window is divided into several sections which can be revealed or hidden using the triangle widget on the left hand side of the window. Use the triangle to make sure the 'Open with:' section is shown.)

6. Change the 'Open with:' pop-up menu from Preview to Acrobat Reader

7. Click the 'Change All...' button, and click the 'Continue' button when you are prompted to confirm the changes.

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