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Are the CMEs available from this web site AMA Category I CMEs or SDMS Approved CMEs?
Can the AMA Category I CMEs from this web site be used for the National Board of Echocardiography CME requirement?
What are archived CMEs?
How can I print the pages such that they are not cut off on the right side of the page?
What is an alias used for?
What are page comments?
What is Autologin?
What are K-Type questions?
Do I have to resubscribe every year?
Can I have two subscription accounts?
I can't log in - what can I do?
How do I import and loop videos in PowerPoint?
Are the CMEs available from this web site AMA Category I CMEs or SDMS Approved CMEs?
If you registered as a physician then the CMEs awarded from this web site are Category I CMEs and is stated as such on the CME certificate. If you registered as a Cardiac Sonographer, the CMEs are SDMS approved credits.
Can the AMA Category I CMEs from this web site be used for the National Board of Echocardiography CME requirement?
Since this web site provides AMA Category I CMEs and all CMEs are echocardiography related then the CME credits can be submitted to the National Board of Echocardiography as a part of your applications for certification where CME credits are a part of the required documentation.
What are archived CMEs? (This policy is under review by our CME providers and may change without notice)
Archived CMEs were put into the programming to allow users to review updated chapters for CME. However, updated chapters cannot be re-taken for CMEs as the policy for renewing chapters for CMEs requires at least a 50% change in the presented information. Therefore, archived CMEs are not available.
How can I print the pages such that they are not cut off on the right side of the page?
To print the whole page, some pages are wider than the margins usually set in the printer dialog box. To increase your margins go to File->Page Setup->Margins. Set the right and left margin to 0.25 inches. Now the page should print on the whole page. Our next update will include changes such that the whole page will print without adjusting the margins. The newest version of Internet explorer has the capability to print a web page without cutting off the right side of the page.
What is an alias used for?
When you subscribe you can indicate what will be your alias name. The alias name is used in the forums and comments posted to the syllabus pages. You can use your real name or a common name so others will recognize you or you can use some other name so your identity will be protected. Syllabus page comments can be publically viewable in the sample pages. All other page comments are viewable by users. The forum comments are all publically viewable. You can change your alias name in your account preferences.
What are forums and page comments?
Forums are discussions about topics or threads that are posted to the forum area. Page comments are comments that are posted to syllabus pages. In order to make the web site more interactive and a more "peer reviewed" project, subscribers can post comments to pages or take part in forum discussions. The discussions and page comments are publically available but only users can post comments or replys to the discussions or page comments. Bad words are not allowed and can result in loss of discussion or page comment privileges.
What is Autologin?
Autologin is a process where your password is saved so you only have to enter your user name to log into the web site. Be careful that autologin is only used on secure and personal computer or someone may have access to your personal information and e-echocardiography account. To enable autologin (which is enabled by default) go to your account -> Preferences -> Autologin and set the value to yes. The next time you log in also click "Save Password" Yes box and when you log in your password is saved. Setting Autologin to No in your Account -> Preferences section will disable the saved password.
What are K-Type questions?
K-Type questions are a form of multiple choice/multiple choice questions. The K-Type questions will show four available foils. To arrive at the correct answer, the available answer will group the foils as being true or false. For example in the question below the foils are named 1,2,3, and 4. The answers are, however, A(1,2,3 are true), B(1,3 are true), C(2,4 are true), and D(4 is true). Sometimes E is added that all or none are true. K-Type questions are typically harder questions and require more extensive knowledge in order to arrive at the correct answer.
Foil 1: A lake.
Foil 2: A moon.

Foil 3. A river.

Foil 4: A puddle.
A (If 1,2,3 are true)
B (If 1,3 are true)
C (If 2,4 are true)
D (If 4 is true)
The Answer is D, of course, cows only jump over the moon in fairy tales.
Do I have to resubscribe every year?
No. Your subscription information and exam results are always available, even if you let your subscription lapse. When you are ready to resubscribe, just log in which will be as an expired user and click resubscribe. You only have to pay the resubscription fee for the year you are resubscribing.
Can I have two subscription accounts?
While it is possible to subscript to two accounts there is no reason to do so. Each account will require unique information and you cannot duplicate CMEs. If you do happen to sign up with two accounts let us know and we will extend your original account with the 2nd account charges.
I can't log in - What can I do?
If you are having trouble logging in please remember that the log in user name and password are case sensitive. In other words, if you have an upper case (capitalized or big) letter in your user name and/or password, what you type in must be in upper case (capitalized or big). If you have an lower case letter in your user name and/or password, what you type in must be in lower case.
For Example: If your user name and password is as follows:
User Name: JackSprat
Password: NoFat
You cannot log in with the following user name and password combination:
Password: NOFAT
User Name: jacksprat
Password: nofat
User Name: Jacksprat
Password: Nofat
You must type in EXACTLY the letters, capitalized or not, with the same letters that you signed up with.
If you need a new password please generate a new password by going to the Lost Password page.
In you account area your can change your password to one that you prefer.
In your account area you can change your user name. Please remember your new user name as an automatic log out is required for new user names.
The account area can be found by clicking on the account link which in on the toolbar on the top of every page. You must log in first before the account link becomes active or visible.


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