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Pssst! It's me, the website.

I just wanted to let you know that even though I'm looking quite old, I'm still a millenial.
So I just had a "New Year, New Me" moment and my resolution is to become a new and improved version of myself in a couple of weeks.
Don't worry, my wisdom won't change. You're still going to find the same useful information here. Stay tuned!

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Subscription Areas Accessed
Free Subscription
CME Example Exams (AMA only)
SAE Example Exam
Calculator Section
Current Echo of the Day(CME Requires Banked CME Credits)
Current Case of the Month(CME Requires Banked CME Credits)
Forum Discussions (View Only)
Atlas Images/Videos (View Only)
iTEE Introduction to TEE Educational Content
Atlas (View Only, No Downloads)
Echo of the Day (Current Only)(CME Requires Banked CME Credits)
Case of the Month (Current Only)(CME Requires Banked CME Credits)
Echo Calculator Section
Introduction to TEE CME (CME Requires Banked CME Credits)
eTEE Introduction To TEE Subscription PLUS
Atlas (Viewing and Downloading)
Echo of the Day (Current and Archive)(CME Requires Banked CME Credits)
Case of the Month (Current and Archive)(CME Requires Banked CME Credits)
Advanced TEE Educational Content
Advanced TEE CME (CME Requires CME Banked credits)
Self Assessment Exam(s) Access to the Comprehensive TEE Self Assessment Exam
Access to the Chapter SAE exams (when available)
What is freely accessible?
On the Home page is a list of free pages that you can view.  In the menu, the free pages in the educational section show up as active (white links).  The calculations are free in the Calc area. Some content in the download section is free.  You can look at the CURRENT Echo of the Day and Case of the Week, but not the archived sections.


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