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What are the subscriptions offered?
Subscription Areas Accessed
Free Subscription
CME Example Exams (AMA only)
SAE Example Exam
Calculator Section
Current Echo of the Day(CME Requires Banked CME Credits)
Current Case of the Month(CME Requires Banked CME Credits)
Forum Discussions (View Only)
Atlas Images/Videos (View Only)
Introduction to TEE Educational Content
Atlas (View Only, No Downloads)
Echo of the Day (Current Only)(CME Requires Banked CME Credits)
Case of the Month (Current Only)(CME Requires Banked CME Credits)
Echo Calculator Section
Introduction to TEE CME (CME Requires Banked CME Credits)

Introduction To TEE Subscription PLUS
Atlas (Viewing and Downloading)
Echo of the Day (Current and Archive)(CME Requires Banked CME Credits)
Case of the Month (Current and Archive)(CME Requires Banked CME Credits)
Advanced TEE Educational Content
Advanced TEE CME (CME Requires CME Banked credits)

Self Assessment Exam(s)
Access to the Comprehensive TEE Self Assessment Exam
Access to the Chapter SAE exams (when available)
 Atlas Database
Atlas (Viewing)
Atlas Downloading
Echo of the Day (Current and Archive)
Case of the Month (Current and Archive)
Echo Calculator Section

What is freely accessible?
On the Home page is a list of free pages that you can view.  In the menu, the free pages in the educational section show up as active (white links).  Also on the home page is a list of calculations that are free (aortic stenosis calcs only).  Some content in the download section is free.  Lurkers (non subscribers) can look at but not participate in the forums.  You can look at the CURRENT Echo of the Day and Case of the Month, but not the archived sections.
 What is accessible if I get a Free Subscription?
You get access to all of the echo calculations, you can view the atlas, have more things to download, and participate in the forum discussion.  You still do not get access to archived Echo of the day or Case of the Month.
 Why do you require a Free Subscription to areas that are essentially Free?
There are several reasons why we want to know some information about you before we allow you to view the "Free areas" that are restricted to just web surfers.  The main reason is that if we find an error that is significant, such as an error in the calculation, we want to be able to send out an email to Free subscribers so patient care is not adversely affected.

Other reasons are that we hope that free users will contribute, either through page comments, videos, images, discussion, etc and we like to be able to thank them and possibly reward them. 

Lastly, we hope that by receiving newletters, and information about what is new, they will feel the urge to subscribe, because, it is really cheap when you think about it.  We do have significant overhead costs because videographers, programmers, and web hosting costs are not insignificant.  We appreciate any contribution and hope you will assist us in this endeavor.

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