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System Requirements
Below is a list of your system's capabilities and settings:
Requirement   Setting Pass or Fail Requirement
Operating System Required     Fail 
Browser Required  other 0  Pass 
Javascript Required     
Cookies Required    Fail 
Windows Video Player Required    
Quicktime Player Required    
Flash Player Required     
MP4 Video Player (HTML5) Required MP4 Video Compatible    
WebM Video Player (HTML5) Required WebM Video Compatible   
Ogg-Theora Video Player (HTML5) Required Ogg-Theora Video Compatible 
HTML 5 Video Compatible Required HTML5 Video Compatible
Adobe Acrobat Reader Required     
Language Required     
Screen Size Required     
Color Depth: Required     
Required= Required     Requirements Table
Required if preference is set to Quicktime or Windows video!
One required by Jan 1, 2015
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