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What is your cutoff for platelet count for TEE?
2015-08-30 07:08:0917010
Looks much more like a sinus venosus ASD rather than a secundum type
2015-07-05 11:07:1215090
 EOTD#: 167 Title: E and E` Ratio
Looks like the S wave is mistakenly labelled as E' wave ?
2013-06-17 05:06:0052331
 EOTD#: 167 Title: E and E` Ratio
Looks like the S wave is mistakenly labelled as E' wave ?
2013-06-17 05:06:0024020
 Title: Flow Convergence Factors and Calculation Presentation: A flow convergence image was obtained in a patient at three different aliasing velocities. The CWD Vmax was 400 cm/sec.
EOTD for 5/13/13: Does not the image shown demonstrate mitral stenosis, not regurg??
2013-05-13 09:05:5723660
 memberane in right atrium in patient schedule for CABG
although you suggest diagnosis of chiare network but it is different from what we use to see it is usually wip like irregular.operative i had seen it it is mesh like some times it is nidus of SBE .MERCI
2013-01-02 01:01:4425430
Cleft is medial or near the septum. I believe the cleft is between A3 and A2.
2012-06-21 18:06:2247421
 EOTD #74
The discussion for this echo appears to be full of errors. I have come across enough of these to have concerns over the accuracy of some of this CME. Surely each of these is proofread by a peer.
2012-03-03 07:03:1147461
 artifact 02/13/12
Why can not it be mirror image from the calcified leaflet or MAC?
2012-02-13 09:02:4644081
 RA area
This is not: midesophageal bicaval view (shown above) at 0 degrees. (echo of the day-12/13/10)
2010-12-17 14:12:3828450
 Oct 25 Echo-of-the-Day
However the ASE guidelines are describing TTE when they ask for a blue center in CMM, not TEE.
2010-10-29 13:10:2725950
I think yhe first Loop is quadricuspid aortic valve Any comments?
2010-10-28 19:10:0951381
The wave show and measured on tissue doppler is systolic. (8/26/2010)
2010-08-26 15:08:3527630
Severity of MR The Nyquist limit is only 45 cm/sec. Is this jet severe?
2010-06-28 10:06:0332620
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