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Echo-of-the-Day Archive
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ID Day Date CME Title
338Tue2023-12-050.25 CMEIs the aortic valve OK?
337Mon2023-12-040.25 CMELeft Atrial Appendage Shadow
336Sun2023-12-030.25 CMEThe alignment is off.
335Sat2023-12-02CME NAIs that a Doppler that I hear (or see)?
334Fri2023-12-01CME NAIs that a Doppler that I hear (or see)?
333Thu2023-11-30CME NAThe blood goes around and around.
332Wed2023-11-290.25 CMEName this type.
331Tue2023-11-28CME NAAn outie or an innie?
330Mon2023-11-270.25 CMEA Muscle Ache
329Sun2023-11-260.25 CMEFeeling un-hinged?
328Sat2023-11-250.25 CMEName the Scallop
327Fri2023-11-240.25 CMEFluid surrounds the heart
326Thu2023-11-230.25 CMEThe prosthetic valve does not look normal
325Wed2023-11-220.25 CMEJust a routine case.
324Tue2023-11-210.25 CMEIs this pappy aberrant?
323Mon2023-11-200.25 CMEThe Ridge
322Sun2023-11-190.25 CMETell us about the slope of your heart
321Sat2023-11-180.25 CMEWhen you get to the apex what did you find?
320Fri2023-11-17CME NAIsolated Segment Dyskinesis in a Normal Heart
319Thu2023-11-16CME NADon't need no color Doppler
318Wed2023-11-15CME NAClean your ears out
317Tue2023-11-14CME NAThere is a bubble in my heart
316Mon2023-11-13CME NAWhat is the Diff?
315Sun2023-11-12CME NAName the abnormalities
314Sat2023-11-110.25 CMEWhole Milk Deposits in the Ascending Aorta
313Fri2023-11-10CME NAIt may be small, but is it important?
312Thu2023-11-09CME NARing Around the Collar
311Wed2023-11-08CME NAA late pulmonary valve opening
310Tue2023-11-07CME NAHow do you calculate?
309Mon2023-11-060.25 CMEContinuous Doppler Only
308Sun2023-11-050.25 CMEA Quiet Rumble
307Sat2023-11-040.25 CMEAn ENT Doctor cannot fix this sinus.
306Fri2023-11-030.25 CMEAre you blind?
305Thu2023-11-020.25 CMEClaustrophobia of the Heart
304Wed2023-11-010.25 CMEClot on a Stick
303Tue2023-10-310.25 CMEA Swirly
302Mon2023-10-300.25 CME3D Aorta View
301Sun2023-10-290.25 CMEA Line in the Apex
300Sat2023-10-280.25 CMEHow far is too far?
299Fri2023-10-270.25 CMEA high fat diet of bowtie pasta
298Thu2023-10-260.25 CMETrileaflet Mitral Valve
297Wed2023-10-250.25 CMELeft Atrial Appendage Mass
296Tue2023-10-240.25 CMEProsthetic Valve Assessment
295Mon2023-10-230.25 CMEA Bad Jet
294Sun2023-10-220.25 CMEConcrete Valves
293Sat2023-10-210.25 CMEIs it tight or is it leaky?
292Fri2023-10-200.25 CMEThe Right is larger than the Left Side
291Thu2023-10-190.25 CMEWhat is a normal size?
290Wed2023-10-180.25 CMEName that lesion.
289Tue2023-10-170.25 CMEPel and Wilhelm did not have a feverish fight over this diagnosis
288Mon2023-10-160.25 CMEFinding the Right Branch
287Sun2023-10-150.25 CMEThe Tide is High
286Sat2023-10-140.25 CMEIt is Tumor Time
285Fri2023-10-130.25 CMEArt Forms
284Thu2023-10-120.25 CMEBoniva Overdose of the Aorta
283Wed2023-10-110.25 CMEFaux Diameter
282Tue2023-10-100.25 CMELook between the layers
281Mon2023-10-090.25 CMELacuna Matata
280Sun2023-10-080.25 CMETiny Bubbles
279Sat2023-10-07CME NASecondary Effects
278Fri2023-10-060.25 CMEPost Mitral Valve Repair
277Thu2023-10-050.25 CMEMitral Stenosis Doppler Double Slope
276Wed2023-10-040.25 CMEToo Many Leaflets in the Mitral Valve Position
275Tue2023-10-03CME NABad Naughty Heart
274Mon2023-10-02CME NATo Be or Not to Be
273Sun2023-10-01CME NAOnly an Average Grade
272Sat2023-09-300.25 CMENot a Happy Camper
271Fri2023-09-290.25 CMELeft Ventricular Dysynchrony
270Thu2023-09-280.25 CMEMitral Valve Repair CWD Profile x 3
269Wed2023-09-27CME NAAortic Regurgitation and More
268Tue2023-09-26CME NATricuspid Regurgitation Redux
267Mon2023-09-250.25 CMERWMA Plus
266Sun2023-09-24CME NAPulmonary Vein Flow Acceleration
265Sat2023-09-230.25 CMEThe Aortic Valve has got Milk
264Fri2023-09-220.25 CMERight Atrial Mass in 3D
263Thu2023-09-210.25 CMEProsthetic Mitral Valve Wisp
262Wed2023-09-200.25 CMESon of SAM
261Tue2023-09-19CME NAMass in the RVOT
260Mon2023-09-180.25 CMEMitral Regurgitation in 3D
259Sun2023-09-17CME NAHepatic Vein Diastolic Suppression
258Sat2023-09-160.25 CMELatin VC
257Fri2023-09-150.25 CMEA Floater.
256Thu2023-09-140.25 CMEHow steep is the slope?
255Wed2023-09-130.25 CMEAtrialization
254Tue2023-09-120.25 CMEStressed Out
253Mon2023-09-110.25 CMENot a Cirlce
252Sun2023-09-100.25 CMEIVRT
251Sat2023-09-090.25 CMEHepatic Vein and SVC Flow Patterns
250Fri2023-09-080.25 CMECannula Placement
249Thu2023-09-070.25 CMESeptal Divot
248Wed2023-09-060.25 CMELorem ipsum vasorum
247Tue2023-09-050.25 CMELeaky, Leaky!
246Mon2023-09-040.25 CMECamping at the Mitral Valve
245Sun2023-09-030.25 CMEWhich hepatic vein?
244Sat2023-09-020.25 CMERight Atrial Area
243Fri2023-09-010.25 CMEWhat is the RAP?
242Thu2023-08-310.25 CMEIs it safe?
241Wed2023-08-300.25 CMERelax Will You
240Tue2023-08-290.25 CMEAortic Regurgitation and Descending Aorta Doppler
239Mon2023-08-280.25 CMERip Tide
238Sun2023-08-270.25 CMECan You Hear Me Now
237Sat2023-08-260.25 CMERub a Dub Dub
236Fri2023-08-250.25 CMEPop Pop Fizz Fizz
235Thu2023-08-240.25 CMEDoes PHT have rhythm problems?
234Wed2023-08-230.25 CMECongenital Aortic Disease II
233Tue2023-08-220.25 CMEPulmonary Artery Diameters
232Mon2023-08-210.25 CMEPost Cardioversion Success
231Sun2023-08-200.25 CMEThe Plane, The Plane!
230Sat2023-08-190.25 CMEA french valve named Ed
229Fri2023-08-180.25 CMEOn the X
228Thu2023-08-170.25 CMECirucumflex Coronary Reserve
227Wed2023-08-160.25 CMERoss Requirements
226Tue2023-08-150.25 CMEPISA Anyone?
225Mon2023-08-140.25 CMEYoung man feels poorly
224Sun2023-08-130.25 CMELVOT Shape
223Sat2023-08-120.25 CMEGamma Heart
222Fri2023-08-110.25 CMEAV by Another Angle
221Thu2023-08-100.25 CMEHockey Game
220Wed2023-08-090.25 CMELeft Ventricular Balloon
219Tue2023-08-080.25 CMEMitral Valve Regurgitation
218Mon2023-08-070.25 CMEMR ERO
217Sun2023-08-060.25 CMEArterocalcinosis
216Sat2023-08-050.25 CMEA Septal Problem
215Fri2023-08-040.25 CMEThe Left Atrial Appendage is Smoking
214Thu2023-08-030.25 CMEA Sinus Problem
213Wed2023-08-020.25 CMEA small bulge in the ventricle.
212Tue2023-08-010.25 CMEMore holes in the heart
211Mon2023-07-310.25 CMEMitral Valve Annulus Diameter
210Sun2023-07-300.25 CMEAnother Hole in the Heart
209Sat2023-07-290.25 CMELeft Ventricular Color M Mode
208Fri2023-07-280.25 CMEValve Lesion Types
207Thu2023-07-270.25 CMEMR Jet Area Factors
206Wed2023-07-260.25 CMEFunctional Tricuspid Regurgitation
205Tue2023-07-250.25 CMEHeart feels flat.
204Mon2023-07-240.25 CMEAltered Compass.
203Sun2023-07-230.25 CMEDescending Athersclerosis and Stroke
202Sat2023-07-220.25 CMETricuspid Regurgitation and Breathing
201Fri2023-07-210.25 CMECongenital Aortic Disease
200Thu2023-07-200.25 CMEA Large Aorta
199Wed2023-07-190.25 CMEGreen Eggs and Aam said S.. I am.
198Tue2023-07-180.25 CMEA Hot Video
197Mon2023-07-170.25 CMEGot AR
196Sun2023-07-160.25 CMEProsthetic Valve Evaluation
195Sat2023-07-150.25 CMEColor M Mode Velocity of Propagation
194Fri2023-07-140.25 CMETAPSE
193Thu2023-07-130.25 CMEAR by PISA
192Wed2023-07-120.25 CMEA Pouch
191Tue2023-07-110.25 CMEWhich scallop?
190Mon2023-07-100.25 CMEWhat is the PCWP?
189Sun2023-07-090.25 CMELeft Atrial Filament
188Sat2023-07-080.25 CMELVI and PVn PWD and Arrhythmia
187Fri2023-07-070.25 CMEI Can See Myself
186Thu2023-07-060.25 CMEAlternate Drainage System
185Wed2023-07-050.25 CMEMultiple Etiologies for Obstruction
184Tue2023-07-040.25 CMEDressed for Dinner
183Mon2023-07-030.25 CMEPost Induction Hypotension
182Sun2023-07-020.25 CMEDouble Left Atrium
181Sat2023-07-010.25 CMEPulmonary Stenosis
180Fri2023-06-300.25 CMELarge Pulmonary Artery
179Thu2023-06-290.25 CMELarge Hepatic Vein "A" wave
178Wed2023-06-280.25 CMELeft or Right?
177Tue2023-06-270.25 CMEA Complete Circle
176Mon2023-06-260.25 CMESt. Patrick Valve
175Sun2023-06-250.25 CMEAbnormal Right Ventricle
174Sat2023-06-240.25 CMELarge Hepatic Vein
173Fri2023-06-230.25 CMEExtra Lines
172Thu2023-06-220.25 CMETherapeutic Dilemma
171Wed2023-06-210.25 CMECox Maze 3
170Tue2023-06-200.25 CMEOpen Heart
169Mon2023-06-190.25 CMELeft Ventricular Ejection Fraction
168Sun2023-06-180.25 CMEE and E` Ratio and A` velocity and aging
167Sat2023-06-170.25 CMEE and E` Ratio
166Fri2023-06-160.25 CMETissue Doppler Anyone?
165Thu2023-06-150.25 CME2 Modes in One
164Wed2023-06-140.25 CMEProlonged IVRT in Diastolic Dysfunction
163Tue2023-06-130.25 CMELong DT
162Mon2023-06-120.25 CMECoronary Sinus Catheter
161Sun2023-06-110.25 CMEAbnormalities Galor
160Sat2023-06-100.25 CMEFlail Away
159Fri2023-06-090.25 CMEA Bear in Winter?
158Thu2023-06-080.25 CMELeaky valve, maybe
157Wed2023-06-070.25 CMESpot the abnormality
156Tue2023-06-060.25 CMEMitral Valve Lesion
155Mon2023-06-050.25 CMEWall Motion Interpretation
154Sun2023-06-040.25 CMEMitral Valve Motion
153Sat2023-06-030.25 CMEGrading TR
152Fri2023-06-020.25 CMEMV PISA
151Thu2023-06-010.25 CMEMR Lesion
150Wed2023-05-310.25 CMEFavorite View
149Tue2023-05-300.25 CMETAPSE
148Mon2023-05-290.25 CMELA Size
147Sun2023-05-280.25 CMEBony Valves
146Sat2023-05-270.25 CMEAortic Root Size and Ratio
145Fri2023-05-260.25 CMESeptal Shift
144Thu2023-05-250.25 CMELeft Ventricular Inflow Doppler Pattern
143Wed2023-05-240.25 CMEAortic Diagnosis?
142Tue2023-05-230.25 CMEPulmonary Regurgitation
141Mon2023-05-220.25 CMEName that scallop.
140Sun2023-05-210.25 CMEModerate or Severe MR?
139Sat2023-05-200.25 CMELeft Atrial Mass
138Fri2023-05-190.25 CMEAVLAX View Wall Motion Abnormality
137Thu2023-05-180.25 CMELeft Ventricular Line
136Wed2023-05-170.25 CMEValvular Regurgitation
135Tue2023-05-160.25 CMERA/IVC Structure
134Mon2023-05-150.25 CMEOptimal Gain on Color Flow Doppler Scan
133Sun2023-05-140.25 CMEFlow Convergence Factors and Calculation
132Sat2023-05-130.25 CMEMitral Regurgitation and Vena Contracta
131Fri2023-05-120.25 CMEContinuous Wave Doppler of MR Jet
130Thu2023-05-110.25 CMEDilated Ascending Aorta
129Wed2023-05-100.25 CMEPulmonary Vein Flow Patterns
128Tue2023-05-090.25 CMEMitral Regurgitation Jet Area
127Mon2023-05-080.25 CMEEjection Fraction
126Sun2023-05-070.25 CMEMital valve scallops
125Sat2023-05-060.25 CMEWall motion abnormality
124Fri2023-05-050.25 CMEMital valve scallops
123Thu2023-05-040.25 CMEProlapse vrs Real Prolapse
122Wed2023-05-030.25 CMESeptal Wall Motion
121Tue2023-05-020.25 CMEPace
120Mon2023-05-010.25 CMESAM
119Sun2023-04-300.25 CMEHypertrophy
118Sat2023-04-290.25 CMEA large heart
117Fri2023-04-280.25 CMEFluid around the heart
116Thu2023-04-270.25 CMEName that Valve
115Wed2023-04-260.25 CMEPulse Wave Doppler Measurements
114Tue2023-04-250.25 CMETricuspid Regurgitation
113Mon2023-04-240.25 CMEWhere is Waldo?
112Sun2023-04-230.25 CMEPulmonary Regurgitation
111Sat2023-04-220.25 CMEPulmonary Vein Flow
110Fri2023-04-210.25 CMENyquist Limit Range
109Thu2023-04-200.25 CMEM Mode of LV
108Wed2023-04-190.25 CMEPWD Gap
107Tue2023-04-180.25 CMEMitral Valve Lights Up
106Mon2023-04-170.25 CMEScallop orientation of the Mitral Valve (Part deux)
105Sun2023-04-160.25 CMEScallop orientation of the Mitral Valve
104Sat2023-04-150.25 CMEDescending Aorta Pulse Wave Doppler
103Fri2023-04-140.25 CMEWhere to measure the ratio?
102Thu2023-04-130.25 CMEAortic Valve Stenosis
101Wed2023-04-120.25 CMEAortic Valve Calcification
100Tue2023-04-110.25 CMEIs it Mitral Regurgitation?
99Mon2023-04-100.25 CMELeft Ventricular Shape and Mortality
98Sun2023-04-090.25 CMEAortic Valve Gradient without Aortic Stenosis
97Sat2023-04-080.25 CMEGreen Eggs and Ham
96Fri2023-04-070.25 CMEAortic Valve String
95Thu2023-04-060.25 CMEAV Mass
94Wed2023-04-050.25 CMEA billowing structure in the LA
93Tue2023-04-040.25 CMEAcute SOB
92Mon2023-04-030.25 CMELA Expanding Mass
91Sun2023-04-020.25 CMEAortic Regurgitation
90Sat2023-04-010.25 CMEBig Inferior Vena Cava
89Fri2023-03-310.25 CMEFlow Convergence (PISA Formation) in the LV/LVOT
88Thu2023-03-300.25 CMEA prosthetic mitral valve mass
87Wed2023-03-290.25 CMEA large clot
86Tue2023-03-280.25 CMEA Big Jet
85Mon2023-03-270.25 CMEPericardial Effusion
84Sun2023-03-260.25 CMEAcute Hypotension
83Sat2023-03-250.25 CMEPost CABG Hypotension
82Fri2023-03-240.25 CMEOn the LAM
81Thu2023-03-230.25 CMERight Atrial Sediment
80Wed2023-03-220.25 CMELeft Atrial Appendage Velocity
79Tue2023-03-210.25 CMELeft Atrial Appendage
78Mon2023-03-200.25 CMERV Abnormality
77Sun2023-03-190.25 CMEMAPSE
76Sat2023-03-180.25 CMEM Mode of LV
75Fri2023-03-170.25 CMEAnother type of LVH
74Thu2023-03-160.25 CMELeft Ventricular Hypertrophy
73Wed2023-03-150.25 CMEDilated Cavity
72Tue2023-03-140.25 CMEUnusual LVH
71Mon2023-03-130.25 CMEDiastolic Dysfunction
70Sun2023-03-120.25 CMESeptal Bounce
69Sat2023-03-110.25 CMELAA ridges
68Fri2023-03-100.25 CMELAA Clot means what?
67Thu2023-03-090.25 CMETransient Echogenicity
66Wed2023-03-080.25 CMEA Bad Wall
65Tue2023-03-070.25 CMEWhere is the lesion (once more)?
64Mon2023-03-060.25 CMEWhere is the lesion (again)?
63Sun2023-03-050.25 CMEWhere is the lesion?
62Sat2023-03-040.25 CMENormal flow?
61Fri2023-03-030.25 CMETransient Problem
60Thu2023-03-020.25 CMEMass in the Right Ventricle
59Wed2023-03-010.25 CMELA Mass in Patient with a Heart Mate
58Tue2023-02-280.25 CMEOld LVAD
57Mon2023-02-270.25 CMEMissing Membrane
56Sun2023-02-260.25 CME3 of 4 Findings
55Sat2023-02-250.25 CMEAn Uncommon Defect
54Fri2023-02-240.25 CMEHeadaches
53Thu2023-02-230.25 CMEAdult CHD
52Wed2023-02-220.25 CMEAbberancy
51Tue2023-02-210.25 CMEJet Following AVR
50Mon2023-02-200.25 CMEMinimally Invasive MVR Cannulation
49Sun2023-02-190.25 CMEA Missing Structure
48Sat2023-02-180.25 CMEAortic Regurgitation Severity
47Fri2023-02-170.25 CMEAortic Valve Color M Mode
46Thu2023-02-160.25 CMERight AtrIal Membrane
45Wed2023-02-150.25 CMERight Atrial String
44Tue2023-02-140.25 CMEAn arc.
43Mon2023-02-130.25 CMEThe Climbing Man in the Left Atrium
42Sun2023-02-120.25 CMEConstant Chest Pain
41Sat2023-02-110.25 CMEA large aorta.
40Fri2023-02-100.25 CMEWhat is the severity?
39Thu2023-02-090.25 CMEWhat is the severity?
38Wed2023-02-080.25 CMEChanging CWD Profiles
37Tue2023-02-070.25 CMEAscending Aorta
36Mon2023-02-060.25 CMEPulse Doppler Placement and Pattern
35Sun2023-02-050.25 CMEA Big Jet
34Sat2023-02-040.25 CMEMultiple Shadows
33Fri2023-02-030.25 CMEMultiple Aortic Echoes
32Thu2023-02-020.25 CMEContinuous Wave Doppler and an Irregular Rhythm
31Wed2023-02-010.25 CMEHepatic Vein Pattern
30Tue2023-01-310.25 CME2D Mode and M Mode Scans of the Left Ventricular Function
29Mon2023-01-300.25 CMELeft Ventricle
28Sun2023-01-290.25 CMEPost Bypass Hypotension
27Sat2023-01-280.25 CMEAttenuation
26Fri2023-01-270.25 CMEScattering
25Thu2023-01-260.25 CMERefraction
24Wed2023-01-250.25 CMEReflection
23Tue2023-01-240.25 CMERelationship between Wavelength, Frequency, and Penetration
22Mon2023-01-230.25 CMERelationship between Wavelength, Frequency, and Penetration
21Sun2023-01-220.25 CMEDominance makes a difference.
20Sat2023-01-210.25 CMEFeeling Stressed?
19Fri2023-01-200.25 CMELack of Synchrony
18Thu2023-01-190.25 CMEGolfing for Wall Motion
17Wed2023-01-180.25 CMEThere is nothing like synchronized motion.
16Tue2023-01-170.25 CMELeft Atrial Compression
15Mon2023-01-160.25 CMELarge Left Atrial Bouncing Mass
14Sun2023-01-150.25 CMELarge Left Atrial Mass
13Sat2023-01-140.25 CMELeft Atrial Appendage Mass
12Fri2023-01-130.25 CMELinear Left Atrial Appendage Mass
11Thu2023-01-120.25 CMEMeasure the Left Atrium Diameter
10Wed2023-01-110.25 CMEUndulating String and a Jet
9Tue2023-01-100.25 CMERight Ventricular Mass
8Mon2023-01-090.25 CMENormal Loop
7Sun2023-01-080.25 CMELarge Right Ventricle
6Sat2023-01-070.25 CMELeft Atrial Appendage Function
5Fri2023-01-060.25 CMEInteratrial Septal Undulating Membrane
4Thu2023-01-050.25 CMEAttenuation
3Wed2023-01-040.25 CMEPhysical Properties of Sound Wave
2Tue2023-01-030.25 CMERight Atrial Membrane
1Sun2023-01-010.25 CMEChest pain in a 60 yr old man.
    Total CME: 78.75  
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