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Pssst! It's me, the website.

I just wanted to let you know that even though I'm looking quite old, I'm still a millenial.
So I just had a "New Year, New Me" moment and my resolution is to become a new and improved version of myself in a couple of weeks.
Don't worry, my wisdom won't change. You're still going to find the same useful information here. Stay tuned!

Case of the Week Archive
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ID Day Date CME Available Case Title
1Mon2023-01-02GET CMEOccillating Aortic Valve Mass
2Mon2023-01-09GET CMEComplex Mitral Valve Case
3Mon2023-01-16GET CMEA RWMA a Dancing Wu Li Master Could Love
4Mon2023-01-23GET CMEPost MVR AV High Velocity Jet
5Mon2023-01-30GET CMEAV and MV Mass
6Mon2023-02-06GET CMEMitral Regurgitation in an Elderly Man
7Mon2023-02-13GET CMEHigh AVG after an Aortic Valve Replacement
8Mon2023-02-20GET CMEStop Your Billowing
9Mon2023-02-27GET CMESOB after MV Repair
10Mon2023-03-06GET CMEIschemic MR AND TR
11Mon2023-03-13GET CMEA shunt and more.
12Mon2023-03-20GET CMEPersistence Pays Off
13Mon2023-03-27GET CMEThe Ring
14Mon2023-04-03GET CMEJust a Routine CABG
15Mon2023-04-10GET CMEMore than Unusual MR
16Mon2023-04-17GET CMEIncreasing SOB and DOE
17Mon2023-04-24GET CMENothing Like a Good Assistant
18Mon2023-05-01GET CMEPeriprosthetic Leak
19Mon2023-05-08GET CMEA Tight Pipe
20Mon2023-05-15GET CMECAD, CHF, and More?
21Mon2023-05-22GET CMECrazy Conduits and More
22Mon2023-05-29GET CMEAbnormal Pericardium
23Mon2023-06-05GET CMEBiatrial Enlargement and More
24Mon2023-06-12GET CMEWhat is Wrong with the Right?
25Mon2023-06-19GET CMEComplex Multiple Valvular Case
26Mon2023-06-26GET CMESomething is Wrong with the Right Side
27Mon2023-07-03GET CMEPost Infarction Complication
28Mon2023-07-10GET CMEAccentuated Mitral Regurgitation
29Mon2023-07-17GET CMERedo Redux
30Mon2023-07-24GET CMEThe Chicken or the Egg
31Mon2023-07-31GET CMEProsthetic Valve Failure
32Mon2023-08-07GET CMEJust a CABG?
33Mon2023-08-14GET CMEDiastolic Dysfunction or Aging?
34Mon2023-08-21GET CMEAcute SOB and Chest Pain
35Mon2023-08-28GET CMEAVR for AS with Moderate MR
36Mon2023-09-04GET CMEClassic Cause of SOB
37Mon2023-09-11GET CMEThe Knobby Septum
38Mon2023-09-18GET CMEMyectomy Complication
39Mon2023-09-25GET CMEMass in the LVOT
40Mon2023-10-02GET CMEIs Wall Motion Abnormality Dimensioness
41Mon2023-10-09GET CMECamping on the Mitral Valve
42Mon2023-10-16GET CMEApical RWMA and More
43Mon2023-10-23GET CMEHigh Velocity in the Left Upper Pulmonary Vein
44Mon2023-10-30GET CMEA new baby and a new murmur
45Mon2023-11-06GET CMESam I Am
46Mon2023-11-13GET CMEMovement in the Arch
47Mon2023-11-20GET CMEDo you need a Para?
48Mon2023-11-27GET CMEA New LVAD
49Mon2023-12-04GET CMEAortic Stenosis with Mitral Stenosis - What is the true MV Area?
50Mon2023-12-11GET CMEOnly a princess can find this one.
51Mon2023-12-18GET CMEI Spy
52Mon2023-12-25GET CMEHe was fine until he was 69.
53Mon2024-01-01CME NAAnother SAM
54Mon2024-01-08CME NAWhat kind of shoot is this?
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